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Affiliate Marketing 101

Introduction To Internet Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the act of becoming a marketing associate of a product. Typically you would join an affiliate network where you are presented with 1000s of products and ideas that you can market.

You are paid by performance and performance could mean when you sell a product, when someone completes and action such as enters their email address or sign up for more information.

Why People Love Internet Affiliate Marketing

tumblr_m33tv91qAR1qddlmlo1_500There are more failure in affiliate marketing than winners but the reason why the winners love internet marketing is because there is no business like it. Think about this, with affiliate marketing your market products and ideas that have already been fleshed out, that you get stats on their level of success with customers and marketers.

You don’t have to spend money on research and development;you just have to find what interests you and promote it. It is the most low overhead business that exists.

It attracts entrepreneurial types who do not have time or the money to develop their own products but who instead decide to partner up with other companies to market for them. It is a great way to make money and once you learn how to do it, it becomes a lot easier to do.

Why People Struggle With Affiliate Marketing

There are more people who can tell you how to become a millionaire than there are millionaires. The thing with affiliate marketing is that it isn’t a game. It isn’t a hobby. It isn’t a one click and done affair. To be successful at internet marketing you must constantly be thinking. You most constantly be thinking of new ways to get your message to the masses.

People fail at internet marketing because they are not willing to do the work. These people want an easy way to make money. These peopel ignore the process and thus fail at affiliate marketing.

People also do not have a good source of information to learn the fundamentals of affiliate and internet marketing. Without this education they have no way of ever being successful.

They need something beyond gurus and internet millions. They need to learn the right things and then they need to go fail at internet marketing over and over enough times until they are successful.

The Number One Thing You Need To Be Successful In Internet Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to internet affiliate marketing there is one thing that you need to learn how to find and utilize. It is this one thing that is the life blood of an internet marketer and without it we all get stocking jobs at Walmart.

It seems so secret, right? It does seem so secret but it is a simple concept but without it you will not survive as an internet marketer. So what is this all important thing, how do you get it, how do you hold on to it and find new versions of it? Ha. That is what every marketer wants to know.

What this big secret is called is ‘traffic‘ but what is this traffic that we speak of? Traffic is the amount of people that you are able to show your affiliate offerings to on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Traffic can mean many things such as, how many people organically find your site via Google, which in that case Google search would be the source of your traffic.

It could be Google paid ads where Google sends traffic to your landing page. The traffic source could be your Twitter followers. It could be a paid ad on Facebook or organically attracting likes and shares via the content you share. Traffic = traffic sources and without a constant flow of traffic you will not earn any money. It is the most important thing.

The Number One Personal Attribute You Will Need

1a3f77ea706b1a7cc938f0c49756a039.1000x625x1When we write about the things that you will need to be success in internet marketing, it is very easy to mistake these things as only material attributes but the truth is that you will need to bring a lot of personal attributes to the table. It all starts with you attitude. You must bring a can do, will learn attitude to this new endeaver. One thing that you will find out is that there’s a lot to learn and you will not be successful over night. Get read to work.

You also need to face the fact that you will experience a lot of failure in this industry. You must become good friends with failure and warmly accept it into your life. One internet marketing guru says to fail fast and fail often.

That really is the key to marketing because you have to throw a lot of strategies at the wall and see which sticks and once you find something that sticks you have to hit the gas pedal with full steam and don’t take your foot off until it stops working. Such is the life of a real internet marketing lifer.


Why I wrote this?

This article gave the basics on internet affiliate marketing so that you can hit the floor running. We covered what it is, why people struggle with it, what you will need to be success and the attitude that you must bring to this new endeavor of yours. After reading this article you should be ready to get started with internet marketing.

Here is a problem that many of you will still have.

You will read this article but then you will not take action. You really need to put this information to work, if only by researching more but you have to establish a start date for your dreams or they will never come true. This article is not for your entertainment but for people who want to be successful internet marketers.

We know that when writing such an article only a small amount of peole will take this information and hit the floor running and it is those people who we write this article for.